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The regional government, in collaboration with the City Councils of Cartagena and San Javier, promotes different actions to make La Manga a tourist destination 365 days a year, ranging from remodeling or launching new infrastructure to investing in capital improvements. human and productive of the locality.

To this end, the regional government has mobilized up to 16 million euros in order to take advantage of and maximize the opportunities offered by this unique enclave in Europe, recognized for its important ecological, landscape and tourist value.

Under the development of different axes, ‘La Manga 365’ promotes economic development throughout the year, fundamentally, through tourist and nautical activities (‘La Manga opened’), the improvement of landscapes, accessibility and spaces (‘La Manga Manga is enjoyed’), the development of sustainable transport (‘La Manga moves’) and the promotion of advanced technologies (‘La Manga connects’).

Up to 30 actions are contemplated, some of them already carried out, such as the remodeling of Plaza Bohemia and Plaza del Mar located in the vicinity of the Galúa Hotel, the conditioning of the Caballito roundabout, the 18-kilometer bike path that runs through La Manga, the remodeling of Jessica and Acapulco parks, the Marchamalo gola parking lot (Cartagena), as well as a new children’s leisure area on Gran Vía in the municipality of San Javier.

The new park and ride that will provide La Manga del Mar Menor with 296 new free parking spaces is in the execution phase. As is the first phase of measures to improve intermodality and the adaptation of bus bays and the Smart City Platform project.

In addition, the Community has already transferred the funds so that the municipalities of Cartagena and San Javier can carry out the remodeling of gardens, parks and viewpoints with which to enhance the landscape and natural value of the town.

To improve the social and productive fabric, the programming of activities of the Development Agencies of Cartagena and San Javier stands out, aimed at retaining talent and improving skills for employability, as well as energizing companies to boost their activity.

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